Welcome to
Prime 9.

We are a driven and competitive marketing company looking to elevate our clients market share and take it to the next level!

Our company’s mission is to design and deliver cutting edge new approaches in the event space, allowing our clients to continue to reach their goals. We don’t want to continue to help our clients be average, we want to grow and evolve into different events with them!

Our Expertise

Let us know your goal and we will continue to make it happen. Our goal is to help continue to build value, while enhancing your results.

Using innovative strategies that are proven, we are able to quickly adapt to multitudes of different target markets.

We understand all of our clients have parameters to meet, but utilizing specific targeted marketing strategies we are able to deliver value and results to all of our clients.

Our Values

Working hand in hand with our interactive approach will allow us to develop and shape your brand, and let us help you be the Prime event in the marketplace!



Having full responsibility for your brand, we make sure to prepare the best possible strategies in order to deliver the highest standards possible.



Our team aims to work together in order to brainstorm a thorough plan so we can meet and exceed the goals set.



Having such a diverse team has allowed us to think outside the box of your normal marketing company and generate new strategies in our approach.



Holding ourselves to the highest possible standards has allowed us to represent your campaign to the best of our abilities. By going above and beyond we feel confident we can create positive experiences revolving around your brand.

Time to make something great together.

Let us help you be the Prime event in the marketplace!